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"Electric Dawn"

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An interdimensional dance of color, space and time, this piece is sure to be a conversation starter in your home. With this painting hanging on your wall you will experience a heightened sense of curiosity and wonder. You will begin to notice details in your own life that you never noticed before. You will feel more appreciation for the beauty of life and your own sense of destiny. This painting will guide you subconsciously, elevating your energy levels and sharpening your thoughts.

This is my longest labored piece. After embarking on the journey to paint this, I began to feel overwhelmed. It was far more complex than anything that I had previously taken on. I thought that it was beyond me, beyond my skill level, and so it sat in my studio for months, unattended. Around 7 months later, I decided that whether I was skilled enough or not, I had to finish it. I dove into the piece and it unlocked my artistic vision more than any painting I've completed before. Once done, I knew it was better than anything I've created before. It inspired me to take on any worthy challenge, regardless of whether I'm currently capable because that is where true growth occurs. I hope it inspires you in the same way.

This is a 30 by 40 inch mixed media oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas. It comes with wiring on the back and is ready to hang, right out of the box.