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Feel the fiery energy emanate from this collaborative creation. With this painting on your wall, you will feel bold vitality. You'll be able to make the tough decisions that others might not be confident enough to make. Others will look to you for leadership and guidance in their own journey. You have a magnetic power about you and this painting is a reflection of that.

After developing the concept for this painting in the early days of my art career, my wife Dimitra Milan asked me if she could collaborate on it because she loved the vision of it. I eagerly agreed and I'm so happy I did because the result is something that neither of us could've created on our own.

This is a 24 by 36 inch mixed media oil painting on gallery wrapped canvas. It comes with wiring on the back and is ready to hang, right out of the box.


You're probably wondering...

On all original paintings, I am very happy to offer free worldwide shipping with orders that total $100 or more. For my fellow US citizens, I'm able to offer free ground shipping on all purchases with no minimum. Please allow 5-7 days for processing orders so that I can package your art with excellence and ensure your painting arrives safely. I can't wait to see your painting hung in your home.

If your painting arrives damaged, please be sure to take a picture and send it to me within 72 hours of receiving it in order to be eligible for a return/exchange. Once the picture has been received and the situation assessed, there are several options: 1) I can repair the painting (this is the ideal option), 2) if the painting is irreparable, I can paint a near-identical piece within 1 month. In either situation mentioned above, I will cover the cost of shipping if you live in the US, otherwise you will be responsible for the cost of shipping both ways (to me for repair and back to your home).

Oh yeah, always. Your aluminum pieces come with beautiful float hanging hardware securely mounted on the back of the piece. Your canvas pieces come with wire already drilled into the wood. And the paper pieces all have frames included that are ready to hang. Custom framing available upon request for extra money, of course.

Depends. Just kidding, yes I do. Here's a link to a form you can fill out if you're interested in a commission. My pricing is located here.

It's simple. Buy the painting you want as soon as it comes off the easel. Ah, but you've just discovered me. That's okay, let me paint exactly what you want as a commission. Here's a link.

Why yes, I do. Thank you for asking. My music is more of a passion project, but then again, everything I do is a passion project. I guess what I mean is that I don't make money from it, yet. But with YOUR help, I probably can! You can support me by sharing it if you like it, or if you like me as a person. Learn more here.

According to the dimension of time, I am 23 years old. But sometimes I feel like I'm 45 and sometimes I feel like I'm 13. My younger sister-in-law once said that "age is a cage." I agree—to an extent.

That is a psydeneum that I used for my music when first starting out. When I started painting, I thought that I wanted to use that synoynm for my painting career, as well, but I decided that using my real name is better for a few different reasons.