A collection of artwork that I've collaborated on.
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    "Realm of Radiance"



    Ignite Creativity in Your Space.
    Feel it in your gut.

    When you look at a painting and it tugs at you, that means it's meant for you. Don't ignore the feeling. If the painting is out of your price range, ask about a payment plan. Every painting is created for one person and if it's you, your life will be changed with it hanging on your wall.

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    Amazing, you listened to your gut and bought the painting. Money is only as good as the stuff you can buy with it and art is the best. Shipping is free so you'll save some there. Think about the immense impact this painting will have, probably for future generations to come.

    Hang it right away.

    As soon as you pull the painting out of the box, allow yourself to savor the moment. I suggest you write down the emotions that you're feeling because they are meaningful and insightful. Once you get the painting on your wall, please share it on social and tag me @ohthatsjake.

    Your Walls Are Begging for Art.
    Feel the energizing effects of art everyday of your life.


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    This piece was born in a passion frenzy of painting. Within 3 days, I created 100 paintings, of which, not all made the cut. But this piece did. This painting is part of the "Experiment Collection" where I sought to hone my artistic process and discover new facets of my own artistic language

    While creating this piece, I was deep in the creative flow state, which I believe will translate into your life with it hanging in your home. This piece is designed to provoke curiosity, ask questions and seek Truth. When hanging in your home this piece will force you to be more inquiring and seeking. It will tell you to look deeper, beyond the surface and find what's waiting for you.

    Created with mixed media materials on archival paper.

    This painting comes with a 16 by 20 inch frame included in the price mentioned. While the frame may not be the exact frame as pictured above, I will find a beautiful frame to go with the painting for you. The painting will be ready to hang, right out of the box.