Fancy Frequencies for Your Mind

Enjoy this playlist of music I listen to.

How I'm inspired by music.

Music is manifestation of emotion. To me, it is food for the mind. And just like food, there are healthy and unhealthy songs. I believe that a healthy song expands your mind, enriches you. An unhealthy song is filled with negativity. You can feel the difference. There is a whole range in between, but a song generally falls on one side or another.

When I first started making music, I didn't understand this concept in the same way I do now. So I'm working to make some music that is healthy for you. But if you'd like listen to some of my older music, you can find it here.

Music has the ability to transport you to another realm. I like to make music that has just enough space inside of it for you to travel and have your own experience without me telling you what to experience. That's why you'll find the majority of the music I make doesn't have any words.

Where you can find me